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UPDATE 11.13.23: We've paused publication until Jan 2024 and have notified all submitters. Thanks for your interest and understanding. We’ll update everyone as soon as we are able with the new publication schedule.

  • A note to submitters: All currently pending submissions will be read for the January Issue.

  • Our 13 issues will remain up on substack.

Showcase publishes 1 flash prose piece and 1 poem every 3rd Tuesday (or thereabouts) and connects with 30k readers. Submissions are free for everyone and are capped at one submission per person, per issue. If you’d like to submit more than 1x, you can use our fee-based multiple submissions category.

We pay a $50 honorarium for published work and promote each issue widely on social media and other ad networks. Each published piece (object) is accompanied by an interview and self analysis (Idea).

For more info on submitting, please see our Submittable page or click the button below. We look forward to reading your work!

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Welcome and thank you for your interest & focus. Our main letter on the 3rd Tuesday of every month will remain free. We want to open doors for readers and writers to connect, share work, and expand each other’s literary consciousness. Remaining free, with some level of free submissions helps us level the publication field and afford all writers opportunity to submit, read, and interact.

Showcase: Object & Idea.
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Object & their Ideas as envisioned by

John Gosslee, Contributing Editor

Andrew Ibis, Publisher

Past Contributors:
Carol Gardner, Editor/admin

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Lovely words and writers as they see themselves. Object & Idea.



Object & their Ideas as envisioned by Andrew Ibis (Andrew Sullivan), Editor John Gosslee, Publisher